Longread: “Either get married, or go to Europe.”

Dit artikel is een hoofdstuk uit het boek “A Refugee – From Erbil to Amsterdam” van Taleb Ibrahim dat uit het Arabisch naar het Engels is vertaald door Amal Abdulmawla & Abdulla Fadel.

My name is Sabah Khalil. I’m from Kurdistan. After I finished my studies at Erbil University, Faculty of English Literature, my father gave me fifteen thousand dollars and said: “Either get married, or go to Europe.”

The word ‘Europe’ rapidly slipped out of my father’s mouth, but my sensitive ears picked it up and gave it legs. Oh, father! Europe, just like that?!

Taleb Ibrahim is journalist and radiomaker at RNW Media. He is a coordinator for all Syrian affairs on hunasotak.com website and for Syrian partners and stakeholders in the region. Taleb is also a manager 'Ma3akom satellite channel'. He wrote four books: "Refugee - From Arbel to Amsterdam" (novel), "Ray of sunshine" (stories), "Quistions" (stories) and ''Contaminate words'' (poetry).